new year, same me???

Friday the 13th, definitely a great day to make an appearance in the virtual world, considering how I ran out of luck before the day even commenced in the real world .

So much talk about having resolutions, particularly those involving using that gym membership you signed up for years ago that you have probably forgotten about, or mistaken as a monthly donation to a charity? well resolutions are questionable especially if their very existence is to encourage you to postpone setting goals and following up with them, yet there are people who take this ritual seriously; my inkling is that it provides some form of comfort to soothe the weary soul of the battles ahead.

I have not set any resolutions for the year, as I realised that following them through can be challenging. No not because of the likelihood of laziness taking over but more so the stress attached to it. Setting goals are vital, they give you a great sense of direction but like what we learn in finance these goals are set on the current predicament of the individual. Do we set goals with a variable factor? are we considering the fact that there are external forces that may change the course of our path that we are not accounting for? If there is an absence of flexibility, the product of goal-setting tends to be far from it’s potential.

On a personal note, I find that as my experiences grow with time, I have developed some better time management skills, or at least how to allocate limited time where it is most needed.Ideally, hobbies and interests should be pursued as often as possible. Yet in my experience it is a stressful task to attempt to focus on other aspects other than my academics. As an individual that is only able to grasp difficult concepts slowly, I struggle to master the various modules I am required to take well enough for the exams is the main test of my competency in finance. Arguably, understanding the content should be at the core, but the notion of merely focusing on that and letting all else take its course is insufficient in my opinion. Doing well in university may not be an indicator of how successful you are, but it sure serves as a useful indicator of how much you can achieve with a lot of hard work and some luck.

With that in mind, I attempt to set loose goals that I can work into my existing schedule of events. One of them would be to workout in my room three times a week. Of course, I have yet to incorporate this in my schedule as of yet. I am hopeful that once i find some sort of balance and calamity after my exams I will find ways to construct a system that allows for an allocated period of free time dedicated to non-studying related activities.With Tino as my role model, I have attempted a new routine of spending a solid 8 hours minimum of focused work without my phone to distract me, a plan that I aim to carry through  till the end of my last semester as an undergraduate, at least. This seems to ensure the possibility of a more balanced work-load supplemented by healthier eating habits and with sheer determination, a bit of working out to keep the muscles happy. Of course, this may change and I might feel that I am not spending sufficient time improving the quality of my dissertation, or preparing well enough for tests and exams, and when that happens there will always be a plan b to revert to; same goals but a different approach at tackling it.





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