from a minority to you

there is nothing more divisive than race and colour, yet i do not agree with those who fervently claim to not see colour. you are not fooling me, how can you tell me you are ignorant to our differences, does your indifference allow you the opportunity to treat me like how you would treat your own? because if it does, there is no progress to be made. we need to be able to recognise and address the inherent differences, celebrate them and not blur the lines. the ability to live with indifference to the world’s happenings is your privilege, and fighting for equality without understanding that this process is not to bring me up to your level, but for you to come back down to earth to mine. for you to understand my struggles, our struggles, anyone who has had to worry about having their names mis-pronounced because it’s too long, too many syllabus, not white enough. conversations about race are going to be uncomfortable, i mean imagine being oppressed for so long and having gained the strength to champion through, only to have that voice you worked so hard to build get silenced, again and again, because your struggles are not real and unjustified. how does one explain to the oppressor of the oppression that occurs when they have chosen to be blind to it, afterall in the argument of not seeing race they could well-assume the treatment of the rest is equal. BUT it is unequal, it has been unequal and by the looks of it will remain unjust forever, and that is the reality of the world we live in. unless there is more empathy, more kindness and acceptance; here’s a thought, maybe instead of trying to achieve homogeneity we should actively pursue the differences that set us apart. when you think about it, it is no doubt easier to convince yourself that you aren’t a racist, but we see you, shifting uneasily when we bring up the subject of race, possibly thinking of ways to invalidate our struggles so that you can sleep easy at night knowing that you have at least that one token minority friend(who’s basically ‘white’)

take us for our differences or don’t take us at all. neither your pity or sympathy is valuable, it takes the entirety of a community to produce solid change, and if you’re only in this to prove that you have good intentions, i’m sorry to say that that is not enough. honestly, lets be real, you probably don’t gain as much from helping us, and i can understand your reservations but if you’re going to talk about it without doing anything useful, then i’d say don’t give us false hope for a better world…………..and that’s all i ask for


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