Witnessing the sun set in all its glory has been the most rewarding experience thus far. The most endearing aspect of Istanbul is that it’s uniquely situated, in a sense, allowing visitors the opportunity to indulge in what most major cities have to offer while enjoying scenic views along the coast simultaneously. 

Apart from taking pictures on my camera, I was pretty much disengaged from social media for the day; giving me the opportunity to live in the moment. From basking in the sun to being captivated by the calming sound of the waves as they hit the coast; I have never felt more alive. 

As I watched the sunset, I was engulfed by a sense of hope. The reflection of the sunset on the water had created a path towards the other end of the marmara. As I was thinking about the future, it felt like the sun was guiding me forward and lighting the way. I feel at ease and a lot more at peace with myself. I want to keep chasing sunsets and giving life to my dreams. 

My wish is to bring happiness into the lives of those around me and I have this strong feeling that this trip is about to inspire me to find myself and a way to achieve that. 

I am so thrilled, so blessed and very much glad that the most beautiful things in life are free.

I hope to bring as much happiness to your life as you do to mine. You have given me purpose and perspective to want to be better T, someday we’ll watch the same sunset and I’ll be fortunate enough to witness two of gods most remarkable creations side by side 



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