marrying into religion

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I am hindu by birth as are my parents, my grandparents and most of my immediate family. Yet, unlike most of my family members I do not practice Hinduism as piously i.e. I visit the temple when I am asked to, take vegetarian fast when required to but never anything more. Religion is very personal; how it is practiced is very much subjective and that thought helps me get by. I consider myself to be rather liberal, but when it comes to the guys I want to get to know, there seems to be a subconscious bias towards non-muslims and non-christians.  And as I am coming of age soon, I have decided that it is about time I come to terms with the undeniable influence of my upbringing on my preferences. Leave it to my family to remind me on the regular that marrying outside of my faith is not cool, and marrying someone who will require me to change my faith will curse my family with years of shame. You’d think that for someone so international, I’d not consider their childish threats in forming my everyday life choices. Yet I find myself reconsidering getting to know guys in the fear of possibly having to bring them home to an enraged family.

I no longer want to live a life of fear, depriving myself of getting to know some potentially amazing people. Religion is important to me, it is part of my identity and I hold my culture and traditions close to my heart. The wonderful thing about being in a relationship as adults is the maturity to have uncomfortable conversations about the future. If I do find someone who does not share the same faith as I do, I will hope to establish mutual respect to practice whatever we believe in, and if that fails, off I am onto the next. There is no religion superior or inferior to the other, and if religion causes world war 3 in my household, so be it, I will be ready in armour to defend my choice and the person I love. The purpose of our existence is to question the norms, to a certain extent at least, and living with the status quo will only beget so much satisfaction. I love my family, but I choose life too.  

my advice to you is,

let the god you lay your faith in guide you to live a life worth living



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