you are engulfed by the sadness within

I know this, because it has greyed your skin.

you long for his touch, his hands so electric,

the way he moves up and down your body with that passion, it’s fucking magnetic

soft skin, blue eyed charming fella he was

yet you think about the way he ate you out at night.

the moaning and the heavy grunting aside,

the experience was like no other,

two souls bounded by their sexual desires.

it was not meant to last, it was “just sex” after all,

on to the next he went, without a call

all you have now are memories  

making you quiver and wet at the thought of him

as you hold onto the past hoping for a replay,

remember that you asked for this in the first place.

please remain guarded and cautious of the people you meet,

do not give your heart away so easily.

your body is sacred and as are you,

your pussy needs some TLC but so do you.

make better choices, choose kinder boys,

for sex without love will never be as magical as it would be with.


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