can we be good even if we are bad?

Recently, I have been experiencing some trouble with grasping the idea of being a good person who has done bad deeds. Naturally, I associate bad deeds such as cheating, discrimination and violence with someone who is evil or is an individual I should be weary of. However, from a personal revelation, I have started to question if our moral shortcomings negate any good that we have done previously; and if so, do we base our judgments on selected events that occur, out of convenience? After-all, if we did take the time to carefully consider every good or bad deed an individual has done, we might not have anything to talk about.

You can be kind and loving and do good by your family but still go out and kill someone out of anger; that makes you a criminal in the eyes of the law but not necessarily in the eyes of those who have seen the other side of you. This choice, is not always offered, whether it is based on the severity of the bad deed or because it is not convenient to look into the past. Ultimately, it is possible to be an unfaithful, piece-of-shit while still being an exemplary citizen of the world, it is in no way mutually exclusive, and I can personally attest to it.

I have realized and come to accept that I will continue to make poor choices, and possibly even hurt the people around me. Moving forward, I choose to be less harsh on myself while still maintaining the decency to acknowledge my faults as and when they occur. The need to look beyond the surface of any situation cannot be further emphasized and the need to be empathetic towards those around you, is highly suggested. Do as much good as you can in your lifetime and leave the worrying to those with too much free time on their hands




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