Don’t fight for me in the name of “feminism”

extremism and feminism, it’s not everyday you hear these two words used in the same sentence, after all isn’t feminism built upon the idea of fighting for equal opportunities for women?  Albeit the latter being true, there has been an uprising of “extremist-feminist” species who, I must add, have been causing much of a stir online/offline/practically wherever they choose to rest their bums and expose their ignorance with their emotionally fuelled responses in the good ol’ name of freedom of speech. and before you dismiss my views, please just hear me out 🙂

Feminism is essentially a word used to describe a bunch of people who are fighting for the rights of women to be reconsigned by all. and yes this idea, this movement is very noble and of course I actively seek for my rights as a woman to be represented,. I want to be taken seriously by my male counterparts, I do want them to see me as their equal and not just girl-with-nice-tits. But I do not advocate all of what my fellow females are doing in the name of feminism, their extremist approach towards common issues and the entitlement they assume that comes with being a feminist.

It seems to me that some feminist are just waiting eagerly to take down anyone without a vagina, spouting insults, accusing them of being a male chauvinistic pig, which is such an over-used insult it has practically lost all meaning. Look if you are going to fight for equality, do it intelligently, do it skilfully, think with your head, maintain neutrality or at least be mature in handling the situation. Because not everyone with a penis is against you, the world is not fighting against you, you are merely a speck, such a small fragment of society, don’t be blinded by you burning desire to prove your point and be quick to dismiss the opinions of others around you. don’t be insignificant. you have this wonderful opportunity that women of our past generations would only dream of having, so take this opportunity and make something remarkable out of it, be a constructive member of society.

more importantly, refrain from exposing your idiocy with mindless comments on how a man wearing a shirt with naked women on it is so sexist and offensive and shouldn’t be allowed to live on this planet. for fucks sake, stop with the melodrama. this concept of equality is no child’s game, look at marriage equality for example, the legalisation of same-sex marriages and acceptance of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters was no easy task, it is not an overnight phenomenon, it was a hard fought battle and the battle is far from over. We are currently at this revolutionary point where we are empowered by technology, so much so that less than 140 characters on a social media site could be game-changing/life-altering. so why not realise the present value of this asset right now and invest your time diligently to try to spread the harmless/non-bashful/peaceful idea of EQUALITY.

You know they say you shouldn’t add fuel to the fire, well unless your aim is to exacerbate the situation, so when you do come across a situation where your feminist instincts(or you know human instincts cos equality is for all and it’s a basic human right) kick in, think carefully before you respond, because that same response will be used against you. Feminism or being a person with a vagina does not automatically grant you some sort of universal right to be an insensitive human it does however provide you with a platform where like-minded people can come together to corroborate, to be innovative and to continue to serve as a catalyst for change. And as much as I wish equality was a given, the fact that not everyone agrees that women should have the same rights as men, is quite intriguing. Such diverse views and opinions should be welcomed and embraced but changing the mindsets of others should not be the core of this movement. Instead we should focus on building an inclusive society, focus on what YOU have to offer and not on expectations that you have of people, because by building up expectations of others  you are essentially destroying all possible chances of seeing the good in everything.

Of course being active, being involved, standing up for what you believe in is great, but to choose to be active without real purpose, is an absolute waste of energy. you want to fight for equal opportunities? start a campaign in your neighbourhood, gather like-minded people and educate those around you, share your opinions BUT remind yourself that you are not entitled to anything, there are bound to be people who disagree and that’s okay cos that should motivate you to want to be the change you see in the world. all talk and no action did not get people like Malala Yousafzi, Angela Merkel and even Beyonce to where they are now. It takes alot of grit, determination and the ability to think with your head as opposed to with your feelings in such situations.

Passion is endearing. So feminists all overI urge you to think about the purpose of fighting for equality, is it for the benefit of the masses, something future generations will be privileged to have OR is it to feed your ego, for momentary satisfaction when you throw insults at your penis-bearing counterparts? if you have jumped on the bandwagon of feminism because you think it is hashtag trendy hashtag hipster hashtag who run the world, please stop to evaluate the situation. We can achieve so much if we put our minds together to collectively work towards inclusiveness and mutual respect, there is so much more that we can do through peaceful exchanges. But for those who will choose to continue to blindly attack everyone for not seeing the world the way you do and justify your actions in the name of fighting for female rights, I don’t want to be associated with you lot and I’d appreciate it if you would stop disguising your need for self-satisfaction as fighting for females, like me, who want nothing more than universal peace and love.

Shabbat Shalom



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