thursdays lunch



in this week’s edition of thursdays adventure time,

my flatmate/coursemate/dear friend, Amika and I embarked on a long and arduous journey in search of good food in other words hipster cafes that are “instagram worthy”. well much to our dismay we couldn’t find anything interesting, probably because we were looking for lunch at 3pm in the afternoon cos that is what self-proclaimed hipsters do innit?

anyway, after walking for an hour we chanced upon Chilango, this cool Mexican restaurant and i decided to look at the menu because at this point in time my adventure time buddy had given up on me and my inability to settle for anything(haha, sorry babe) and not only did they offer a vegetarian option for their burritos, tacos and nachos THEY ALSO HAD PRAWNS. and that is rare. and there and then i was sold. prawns is a big deal in my life as i converted to pescetarianism(it isn’t a word btw if you didn’t already figure that out) about 8 months ago and shrimps,prawns practically serve as my source of comfort food.

the moment you walk into the shop you’ll be greeted by this shrine like thing dedicated to mother mary, which is pretty damn cool and also you have the extremely cheerful counterstaff who looked really eager to serve us(overly over-exaggerated but you get my drift). I ordered the vegetarian burrito and Amika had the chicken one. the food was amazing. the portion was huge as well so the 6 quid i paid for the burrito settled my lunch and dinner and as a student who is trying to stay on a tight budget to pay for her friday night booze fest, i was really happy.

all in all, it is a pretty cool place to chill and have nice mexican food and if you’re in angel you should definitely check it out!


27 Upper Street

Angel, Islington


over and out

x peace x


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