So for my first ever entry for PC-V I decided to do a piece on my current favorite dance hit.

First of all, I have to admit that I’m not taylor swift’s biggest fan. BUT I was enough of a fan to know the lyrics to her popular hits such as love story, you belong with me(which is my personal favorite), mine, speak now blah blah blah. To be honest though, I had little interest in her music after her third album as writing songs about boys who don’t stay/cheat/lie gets a bit old innit.

But this summer, when I was visiting my cousin in Northamptonshire I decided to go for a run and while running up this miserable hill, T-swift’s song, Shake It Off struck a chord within me. And during the 3mins or so every verse in the song spoke to me and I paid careful attention to the lyrics and without missing a beat I was inspired to write about Ms. Taylor Swift.

Some accuse her of making her fortunes off men. Well, technically she is but the way she is doing so is something all women should take note of.

“I stay out too late

Got nothing in my brain

That’s what people say”

First and foremost, I do not think she gets the credit she deserves. Many people seem to make sweeping statements that doubt the intellectual capability of this fine young lady and let me just remind you that IF SHE HAD NOTHING IN HER BRAIN, she would not have been able to build or establish her award-winning career. Sure she had help along the way but in this male dominated industry I think she’s been pretty savy/smart interms of navigating her way around

“I go on too many dates [chuckle]
But I can’t make ’em stay”

This is something even I am guilty of doing. I just assumed that t-swift was just one of those girls who had a gazillion boyfriends but lacked the ability to actually maintain a stable, long-term relationship. This may be the case or it may not, and I will never know because what goes on behind closed doors is private. And because the media is consumer driven, the need for accuracy is overshadowed by the need to deliver juicy gossip to the audience- like you and me.

So here’s where I confess my undying love her t-swift. Nah I’m kidding but over the 3mins or so of listening to her new song, the level of respect I have for her as an individual, as musician and as a fellow lady has doubled.

  • She makes millions from writing songs about her failed relationships. Sure that sounds sad and pathetic but here she is making the most of her situation and making things work for her. She isn’t wallowing in self-pity, instead she is taking control of the situation and I think I could learn something from her.
  • She’s one of the most successful musicians of our time and she’s just 24 years old. She has her own perfume line, too many awards to actually list, one of the biggest fan-bases out there and goddamn she’s so beautiful.

So let me just end by reminding you that your opinion of taylor swift is pretty much insignificant and,I quote the words of the Ms,Swift herself, “I SHAKE IT OFF”

“don’t hate the player, hate the game”

also listen to her new song

Peace out x


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