My favourite Coldplay song is actually Gravity, which was beautifully penned by Coldplay but given to another band to sing. I haven’t heard their version but as I listen to Chris Martin give meaning to every verse in the song, I drift off to my own safe haven.

Anyway today’s post is inspired by someone I lost a while ago, someone who is very much part of me. So here it goes,

Daddy dearest, I wish you were here. But I can’t stay oblivious forever.

You are my sun, you are my brightest star- yes you are

Yet, you cause me the most pain, the type of pain that keeps me up at night, the type of pain that eats me alive.

But you are gone now, far away, onto the other side where there is no me

How could you leave me, to be in this world, on my own? Am I not worth the fight?

“there there” I tell myself it will all be alright.

But it won’t. you left me. You broke my heart daddy,

I don’t understand why won’t you take me with you?

I promise to be good and someone you will be proud of, but I can’t do this much longer daddy.

Come home daddy, I miss you.


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