The problem is YOU.

Yeah, I said it. You are the problem and only you can find the solution. When you feel insecure, when you feel unworthy of being loved by him and when you feel that you are just not good enough for him. Stop, pause and breathe. More often than not, the answers you seek or the solutions to your problems, lie within you.

Many of us seem to be fixated on the idea that there will be a beautiful boy who will come around and fix us, he will be the band aid to our open scars. But that boy may or may not come. And even if he does, he may not be able to fix you. Because you are the problem, BUT you are also the solution.

The fact that we may not be good enough for the boy of our dreams is not the underlying issue here. As a matter of fact, the feelings of inadequacy that are being harbored is what you need to be worried about. You have to fix YOU. Be your own damn savior. Be brave. Be fearless. Be whatever you want to be.

When you feel sad and alone with no one to confide in. Look to yourself for help, you’ll be surprised to discover how capable you are to stand on your own two feet.

-step outside and get some fresh air, wander around allow yourself to get lost but find your way back. And you start afresh.

-eat your favorite ice-cream even though you may just be on some crazy 0 fat low calorie diet, be without dietary restrictions for one day, feel free, feel good and be happy

-go to a nice bar, heck just go to any bar. Grab a drink and dance even if the music is crap and the dj looks like he has no clue what he’s doing, dance the night away. Come home, wake up and it’s a new day and the world is still your oyster.

-go out, watch a movie or stay in and watch a sad movie. Cry. Let it out. Let it go. But when dawn breaks, you pull yourself together, put on that million dollar smile and conquer the world.

-make goals, make ambitious ones. Don’t you be afraid of dreaming. You may be just one star in the sky, but it doesn’t discount your ability to shine brightly.

Yeah, we all experience bad days and they may be caused by hormonal imbalances or an inconsiderate j*cka$$ at work. But whatever the case is, don’t allow one bad day decide how you feel for the rest of the week. Your mind has an incredulous power over you- use it wisely.

Love is wonderful. I won’t discredit the amazing things love can do for us. But self-love is equally beautiful. When you try to love yourself, every flaw, every scar and every wound-internal and external you are essentially discovering yourself. You are on the road to accepting the fact that “I may not be perfect but I am definitely worth it.” And when you ease into the idea of truly loving and appreciating yourself, you might feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted off you and these are good feelings.

It’s hard. I know. It isn’t easy to just love yourself. But it is definitely worth the shot. Remember to be brave, to be happy and to be your own savior.


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