to live and to love.

there is nothing wrong with harbouring thoughts of emptiness every once in a while, cos the way I see it, it forces us to feel. to address our emotions, to dig deep and find closure- be our own saviours. Here. I. Go. So let me try to let you go.

when I think of you, I think of sunflowers and daisies, I think of late night car rides and seeing the world through your eyes.

but when I think of you, I also feel sadness, tears, a heavy heart and a distracted mind.

we met on a warm summer’s day, you were tall, charming and wonderful but guys like you don’t fancy girls like me.

we started talking, I wanted to kiss you, there and then. i wanted to kiss you, I wanted to feel the warmth of the world with your touch. but you were talking, so I listened. I don’t remember much of what you said, but i do remember how you made me feel – and you made me feel happy

but i had to leave. back to my own reality and you had your own. it was fun, sneaking around and being carefree, but i had to let it go. that was it, once i got on the plane i was supposed to have forgotten about you but i came home and i thought of you. i imagined you next to me, your hand in mine. but you are there and i am here.


You are there but i am here. You are miles away and i am right here.

I’d move continents for you but that is not romantic, that is stupidity disguised in a romantic gesture. Afterall, i am just the girl who is your facebook friend, i am the girl that guys like you don’t fancy and I am, well I am just me-ordinary me with an extraordinary ability to attach myself to anything with a beating heart.

The idea of US, is merely a figment of my imagination and that is sad, but it is not necessarily a bad thing because someday you might meet someone who will love you like I do, who would be willing to go wherever you go. and maybe she will make you happier than I ever would be able to and just maybe the idea of you being happy makes me happy.

You’re still there. and I’m here but we have the same sky and now when I think of you I think of the stars and I count my blessings.


“look at the stars, look how they shine for you” “and all the things you do, yeah they were all yellow”


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